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Get started


wallowa deploys as a Docker container with data stored in a DuckDB database file. If you'd rather not use Docker you can build a wallowa binary from source.

Start your first project

  1. Navigate to the directory you'd like as the parent to your wallowa project directory
  2. Run wallowa new MY-PROJECT, replacing MY-PROJECT with the name of your project:
docker run -v .:/usr/wallowa:rw -p --platform linux/amd64 gunrein/wallowa new MY-PROJECT
  1. Change directory into the new project:
  1. Add a GitHub auth token to the .env file
  2. Configure your project by editing wallowa.config.toml with a convenient text editor. The default file contains an overview of each setting and there is documentation for all configuration options.
  3. Fetch data for the first time using the wallowa fetch CLI command:

    This will take a while the first time if your repo(s) have a large number of PRs

docker run -v .:/usr/wallowa:rw -p --platform linux/amd64 gunrein/wallowa fetch
  1. Start the server using the wallowa serve CLI command:
docker run -v .:/usr/wallowa:rw -p --platform linux/amd64 gunrein/wallowa serve
  1. Open your browser to http://localhost:9843/
  2. Explore what's available and check out the documentation for the web UI and CLI

Thanks for using wallowa!

Build from source

  1. Install build-time dependencies
  2. Download the source code for the tagged version you're building
  3. In the root directory of the source code, run:
    1. npm install
    2. npm run build
  4. Use the newly-built binary at target/release/wallowa